What is MDM- Mobile Device ManagementWhat is MDM and why do you want it?  Mobile devices are susceptible to malware attacks, phishing, and other security vulnerabilities just the same as laptops and desktops.  The systems most of us have in place are directed at managing the security for laptops and desktops, however.  It is important to expand your security controls to address the growing threat that mobile devices introduce to your network and systems regularly.  In most cases, it is important to have a “home base” tool that can talk to and monitor the mobile devices.  That is where MDM comes into play.


HIPAA For MSPs by David Sims What is MDM and why do I want it?
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What is MDM and why do I want it?

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Topic for today: What is MDM and why do I want it?

Today’s topic

What is MDM and why do I want it?

Mobile Device Management or MDM is the name for tools that help you manage all the phones and tablets that are in your organization.  In the most basic sense, it is software you load on mobile devices that allow you to set controls for their security.  Controls like:

  • What settings are allowed on mobile devices
  • What apps can be loaded on the devices
  • Tracking devices
  • Remote wipe

There is also a term you may see that is EMM – Enterprise Mobile Management.

What MDM products are out there for small business

MDM products for small business from CIO.com article that I used as a reference for many, but not all, of the vendors listed below.

  • VMWare Airwatch Express – mini version of what the big guys use – $2.50 per dev per month
  • Codeproof – new player in the market – $3.99 per month or $299 per year per device
  • Cisco Meraki – MDM and Systems Manager – has some free stuff but you really have to look at what you need to determine what it would cost
    • BYOD – different concept that monitors for devices
  • Hexnode – very interesting pricing options and says they will price a custom bundle. $1 per device per month billed annually ($12 per year per device) for the basic package and $4 per device per month for their high end package. Still pretty new to the game and rolling out features
  • Miradore – Finland – free basic MDM for unlimited devices. $.50 per device per month for the Business plan and $2 per device per month for Enterprise plan
  • Manage Engine MDM Plus – part of an MSP packaged tool – lots of stuff to connect with it
  • Lookout – been around a while and focused only on mobile security – check out 60 minutes demos – creep you out!
  • Sophos Mobile – managed on the Sophos Central Platform

What do we like

Donna’s most interested in: Lookout – lots of research involved and active in the security community – they were the ones that found the iPhone flaw that Apple fixed quickly but a major issue. Free personal version is very cool AND FREE

Donna’s keeping an eye on: Hexnode – another mobile first solution

David’s most interested in: VMware’s AirWatch – an EMM which allows for any size business to manage devices in the cloud. Very cost-effective and easy enough to deploy and use for those without IT peeps. For the smaller companies, I would look at AirWatch Express. Same enterprise backend with a lighter feature set and a price of only $2.50 per device if you’re managing it.

Mobile devices are completely intertwined in our lives today.  Both business and personal lives require that always-on access we have come to enjoy from our trusty mobile phones and tablets.  Just like all of our other tech, however, the phones and such need to be secured properly.  An estimated 400% increase in mobile malware in 2016 makes it clear that mobile attacks are and will continue to be on the rise.  So, what is MDM?  It is a tool we all need and should be able to get no matter what the devices or budgets we have to manage them.