What is HIPAAforMSPs.com

What is HIPAAforMSPs.com?

It is a god-send… a service… a repository of priceless knowledge specifically for Managed Service Providers (affectionately known as the “IT guy”).  I will walk you step-by-step through the process of slaying the HIPAA Monster.  Make no mistake, this journey is not quick and it is not for the faint of heart.  There are real dangers to taking on the healthcare client… but there are also great rewards.  Did you know that legally, all healthcare providers MUST use HIPAA compliant MSPs?  This is a HUGE market segment just bursting with opportunities for those brave enough.  MSPs need to either be all in… or all out, when it comes to supporting healthcare clients.  Otherwise, you may face fines that will destroy your business!

How are we different than the dozens of other sites online about HIPAA?

Simple… none of them are presenting the information in a way that is specifically applicable to the MSP.  As the owner and operator of Carolina Computer Concepts, LLC, a Healthcare MSP located in the Carolinas, I have trudged through the muddy waters and swamp waste lands as an MSP myself so I know the frustrations you are dealing with and I know what information you really need to know. I will tell you what I have found to be successful, what hasn’t worked and even some ideas that I haven’t tried yet. Everything an MSP needs to know to be successful in supporting the independent healthcare provider is here, all in one place. Even more, the Premium level members get access to something even more valuable… the business aspects.  Afterall, learning about HIPAA and becoming compliant is great (there are people doing this all over the net) but I show you what to do with that knowledge, how to market it and how to make money with it!  No one else does that!  Why would they… they want you to pay them to do it rather than teach you to do it yourself.  In this way, my success is directly tied to your success! Not only will I be sharing my 15+ years of IT business knowledge but I will be bringing in all the heavy hitters in the industry to further help you learn and become successful.

Who is HIPAAforMSPs.com for?

It is for the MSP looking to properly and legally service and support the healthcare vertical. The MSP that may have healthcare clients and need to address their own HIPAA compliance. The MSP that is interested in supporting the healthcare vertical and doesn’t know where to start. The MSP that already has a handle on HIPAA but is looking for ways to maximize the profitability of this specialization. The MSP that is looking for a place that has filtered through all the noise and chatter out there to simply provide relevant content that is meaningful to an MSP. The MSP that understands that knowledge truly is power and appreciates a service that can drastically reduce the time it takes to learn and become successful as a healthcare MSP. The MSP that wants to be different… to set themselves apart from the tons of other MSPs out there. Who is HIPAAforMSPs.com for?… if you’ve read to this point, it is for you!

Ready to start becoming successful in the Healthcare IT vertical?  Ready to drastically increase profits?  Ready to learn how to do business successfully?  If you’re not, your competitor is… and that’s bad for you.

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