Phishing attacks in healthcare are on the rise just like every other industry. However, unlike many other targets, phishing attacks in healthcare have a much higher return on investment if the phisherman gets anyone to take the bait. We’ve talked multiple times how healthcare is now a major target for hackers. Then, it only makes sense that we will see a continued rise in efforts aimed at phishing attacks in healthcare.

HIPAA For MSPs by David Sims Phishing Attacks In Healthcare
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  • Phishing – spray and pray – grab an email list and let it rip – big net phishing
  • Spear phishing – Aimed directly at you. Everything makes it look like it should be in your email meant for you from someone you know
  • Whaling – Pointed directly at upper management of a company with an urgent business matter
  • Soft targeting – send to people with a certain job that they would expect, like HR gets a resume but financial team gets a spreadsheet
  • Telephone phishing – Just call you up and act like they should be asking you for login information

Phishing Attacks In Healthcare

Other phishing examples – ICHBY

Kardon Phishing Trip 2017

  • Plenty of tools out there to test employees
  • But, you have to manage it
  • Kardon will manage it and provide the training behind it

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