Frank Abagnale HIMSS17If you saw the movie Catch Me If You Can then you know some of Frank Abagnale’s story.  Maybe you even read his book Catch Me If You Can: The True Story of a Real Fake.

Tom Hanks said “Abagnale’s lecture may be the best one-man show you will ever see.”   HANKS WAS NOT KIDDING!

The famous con man in his youth eventually became a white hat working for the FBI and others to combat fraud and ID theft for over 40 years. Now, he works as a consultant, writer, and speaker on the subject as he continues working with the United States Government.

The information he shared with us during his #HIMSS17 session blew us away.   That means we really have to tell all of you guys about it!

HIPAA For MSPs by David Sims Frank Abagnale - "Stealing Your Life"
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In this episode:

  • HMWH Compliance Officer’s Boot Camp
  • First Amazon Broke the Internet
  • What we learned about the healthcare cybersecurity task force
  • What we learned from the CIO of HHS
  • Frank Abagnale blew us away!

First Amazon Broke the Internet

  • Amazon S3 East Coast shut down breaks the internet for all kinds of services.
  • Turns out an engineer had a really bad day and shared it with all of us.

Cybersecurity task force

  • 20 days until report comes out
    cybersecurity isn’t just an IT concern
    securing everything not just desktops
  • legacy systems
  • information sharing while securing it and including only what is important
  • this report should have a BUNCH of stuff we can use to communicate Cybersecurity concerns to doctors


  • astounding what congress doesn’t know about what is going on in the sectors
  • threat gathering is a major project
  • threat sharing is next
  • public private partnership is only way to keep up
  • defining information to share like small attack info signatures done automatically by machines
  • threat sharing centers developing within HHS to build data collection of threats
  • social engineering and phishing is the biggest problem to fix.
  • threat modeling
    • chest X-rays being stolen because you need a clean chest X-ray to get a visa to leave China

Frank Abagnale Stealing Your Life

  • 994 billion vs 720 billion for entire DOD
  • 100 billion Medicare fraud
  • govt easiest to steal from
  • most leaves our country and comes in with criminals
  • 1988 his book predicted 2000 and beyond I’d theft is coming
  • ID thefts every 2 seconds
  • every breach because of people doing or not doing something
    • laptop taken home by tax employee let hacker in who stole all tax returns for South Carolina
  • take initial number always times 10
  • breached not fixed and breached again you are letting them in
    • we let them in
  • USB sticks with confidential on it. 5 yrs never had a case where it wasn’t opened
  • the ONLY defense for social engineering is education
  • if I can become you what I can do is only limited by my imagination
  • best ID to steal is a kid
    • choose kid over a millionaire’s
  • child ID is more valuable the younger they are
  • not on social media at all but taught his family how to use it properly
  • creeper phone app I can track everything
  • pitt patt app is facial recognition tool to find you
  • 98% I need is straight on pic. DOB and place of birth and I can be you
  • give all our information out every day
  • knowledge based Authentication becoming useless
  • copier hard drive most valuable resources
  • CBS News story on copiers
  • shredders 50 minutes to put straight cut. App can do diamond cut. Need micro cut type to be securely
  • credit monitoring that he can watch himself
  • Lifelock will do kids social now
  • checks are just too much info to share and too easy to use to steal my money. Only write checks to pay major bills never at retail
  • safest way to pay is credit card because you don’t have liability and you get a good score
  • Never ever use a debit card ever
  • teach kids to use credit card properly at 18 put card in their name but you pay bill to build credit in college
  • debit cards fraud at bank 174% and non-bank machines up 317% in 2015
    • worst thing to use anywhere period
  • don’t give out kids social unless absolutely positively required
  • medical ID fraud tough issue because you can’t just refuse care
  • ins companies must start providing specific rules in order to get cyber coverage