Resolutions for 2016

Everybody talks about New Year’s resolutions this time of year.  Here is our list of suggested resolutions for working your compliance program when it isn’t your regular job.  Create a plan to include these resolutions in your 2016 calendar.  Baby steps make a difference.

These resolutions help you define time to do the work as well as how to decide what things to do when you have your time allocated.

  1. Spend one hour per week doing anything on your compliance program
    • Even if you just sit and think about it for an hour
    • Review lists, make appointments, listen to webinar
    • Plan your quarterly afternoon project
  2. Spend one afternoon per quarter on your compliance program projects
    • Many activities have to be done by committing several hours at one time
  3. Review one policy and associated procedures per month
    • All of your policies and procedures should be reviewed at some point
  4. Conduct one small audit per month
    • Audits don’t have to be big productions
    • Pick one policy or procedure to see if what is supposed to be happening is happening
  5. Conduct regular training for staff
    • Do a lunch and learn with a Help Me With HIPAA episode
  6. Conduct regular meetings with tech team
    • Make your annual tech plan from your Risk Management
    • Review it regularly with them
    • David’s Soapbox of the day: Work directly with your tech team when you are making your changes

We understand there are plenty of reasons that compliance ends up way down the list of things you have to get done.  However, that is a “head in the sand” approach to compliance.  Try these resolutions for finding a way to fit in the work required for managing what your HIPAA compliance program requires from you and your organization.  Even if you are starting at the middle of the year with these resolutions, it is better to get started than to continue to say you will get to it tomorrow, next month, or next year.  We all know that time may never come.

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