Compliance Officer’s Gift Giving Guide

During the holiday season we see all kinds of gift lists. Here is out list of ideas for special gifts for your compliance officers. They need some love too!

  1. Budget – a budget line item for compliance AND technology – not just a wave at it with some pennies, the backbone of the business needs both or it could all be gone in a flash (drive that is)
  2. Time – Maybe make it one of top 3 things in their job desc instead of the Oh yeah, BTW, you’re the HIPAA officer approach.
  3. Commitment from all departments – Commit multiple members of the staff to meet on the status, plans and progress regularly. Everything is actually more likely to happen when you make a point to pay attention to it.
  4. Training – An actual training class for the compliance officers not just a free webinar that they have to do while eating lunch. Don’t think it is easy to know this stuff and they will feel much more confident in getting the job done.
  5. Software and tools – We mentioned it over and over the value of having the right tools.
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