cybersecurity insuranceMore reasons to have cybersecurity insurance coverage pop up every day. Whether it is your own business risk management or those required by a business partner in a contract, all businesses should at least evaluate getting cybersecurity insurance coverage.  In trying to do a better job understanding cybersecurity insurance, we found we needed help. John Miller helps us on our own understanding of cybersecurity insurance.

Listen to our interview with John Miller II, Founding Principal, Sterling Risk Advisors.

HIPAA For MSPs by David Sims Cybersecurity Insurance with John Miller
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Understanding Cybersecurity Insurance Coverage

What is this type of coverage all about?

The three components of risk covered by a cybersecurity policy.

  • Notification Costs
  • Legal and Technical Fees
  • Third Party Fees

What happens when there is a breach from the perspective of understanding cybersecurity insurance policies and what they would cover.

Policies cover PR which can be very important. 

How to evaluate cybersecurity coverage.

You can’t buy cybersecurity coverage like car insurance.

Whoever your cybersecurity provider is should be involved in your breach response plan.

Example of types of cases John has been part of with his clients.

Cybersecurity insurance coverage applications include HIPAA questions.

This is not something where you meet for 30 minutes and get a quick insurance quote.

More HIPAA business associates required to carry specific levels of cybersecurity liability coverage as part of their BAA.

Can you do things to help get discounts on your cybersecurity insurance policies?

Getting insurance is like going to the bank and getting a loan.  The better prepared you are the better your chances are of getting the loan.  Cyber liability is the same case.  It means you dress up Barbie.

What happens if you aren’t honest on your application about the things you are doing for security?

Make sure your IT folks understand the questions before having them answer them.

As a BA, if you are required to have a set amount of coverage for a single client what happens when that is all the coverage you have an a breach involves many different clients.  A single $2 million policy won’t cover all your client’s needs.

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